About me

My name is Channin Scholten and I am an Interaction Designer. I developed an interest in data and technology and how this existing in our everyday life. As a designer I focus to make these topics understandable for people and show the social impact of these topics. My inspiration is coming from daily things around us, sometimes clear to us and sometimes not.

I transform information in a way that the user can understand the message of the information. Most of the time I communicate this by way of let the user experience or participate in my work. Through this the user can relate to the subject or my work.

For questions or more information you can mail to info@channin.nl

Channin Scholten

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Domestic Data Streamers (interaction designer) - Barcelona, Spain
Prode (webdesign + development) - Wijchen, The Netherlands
Creactiv (webdesign) - Tilburg, The Netherlands


BKC Media (designer) - Nijmegen, The Netherlands Prode (webdesign + development) - Wijchen, The Netherlands


ArtEZ Univerity of the Arts - Arnhem, The Netherlands
Interaction Design

Sint Lucas, Boxtel - The Netherlands
Interaction Design / Multimedia Design

Maas Waal College - Wijchen, The Netherlands


Nominated Hendrik Valk Netwerkdag 2017
Arnhem, The Netherlands

Winner of the Young Talent Award 2017
Manifestations - Will the Future Design Us?
Dutch Design Week
Arnhem, The Netherlands

Upcoming exhibitions

Makers Festival Twente
26 - 27 May 2018
Enschede, The Netherlands

Gdynia Design Days
6 - 15 July 2018
Gdynia, Poland


Manifestations - Will the Future Design Us?
Dutch Design Week
21 - 29 October 2017
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

IDA finals ArtEZ
28 June - 3 July 2017
Arnhem, The Netherlands